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Windoundary | Jacob Cheng Hongye Signature

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Team C3 member Jacob Cheng Hongye is a professional 5A player in China. He has achieved many titles in various competitions. He is 5A China national champion in 2018 and also the 7th place in World Yoyo Contest at Shanghai. in the 2019 Japan Yo-yo Cup International online video competition, Jacob’s eye-catching performance who no afraid of windy weather and film outdoor 5A freestyle. It makes people have a strong impression.

At JYYCIO, Jacob use “Laevateinn” in the contest as he like wider sharp of yoyo and powerful spinning. We discuss with Jacob for his signature model, we find out he need a high-performance yoyo which can handle 1A and 5A tricks. We combine the design of Jacob two favorite yoyo Laevateinn and Galaxydiver. We make a wide sharp yoyo for easy to land the tricks and multi-step cut body for comfortable feeling while yoyo back to hand. We fine tune the weight distribution to make it fit for 1A and 5A playing style and installed 12mm long axle to enhance the hub weight for solid feeling.


= Specification =
Body: 6061AL
Diameter(mm): 57.48
Width(mm): 49.8
Weight(gram): 64.1
Response: C3 Purple Pad
Bearing: Curved Bearing
Axle: M4 12mm Stainless Steel




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