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Omnitron Noah


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Team C3 Peter Pong Signature Model

Peter Pong’s Latest Signature Model – Omnitron Noah

An all new 6061 aluminium with Titanium rim,
guaranteed to provide the best experience.

Inheriting the original Omnitron’s rounded design, with a newly incorporated H-Shape design to suit more modern play, comes a new yo-yo with an impeccable feel on the hands.

With the uncommon Titanium rim design taking the weight distribution to the extreme, each aspect of the yo-yo is designed to maximize the power, acceleration, and spin time of the yo-yo itself.

With an incredibly thin 6061 aluminium body to complement the Titanium rim, this further maximizes the weight distribution, leading to the high levels of control over the yo-yo, as well as allowing for the sudden changes in movement to be incorporated seamlessly into your tricks.

Due to the high precise machining of the Titanium rim, with costs nearing to (or exceeding) those of full Titanium yo-yos, alongside the thin walls of the 6061 aluminium body, this has led to one of C3yoyodesign’s most difficult and most ambitious projects to date. However, C3yoyodesign’s firm commitment to producing high-quality competitive yo-yos has also given us the determination to produce this yo-yo, despite the difficulties mentioned. This new style has also helped given C3yoyodesign a new direction in the production of future yo-yos.

= Specification =
Body: AL6061
Rim: Titanium
Diameter(mm): 55.7
Width(mm): 48.2
Weight(gram): 64.0
Response: C3 Purple Pad
Bearing: Curved Bearing
Axle: M4 8mm Stainless Steel



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