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Submarine | Shotaro Masuda Signature

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The first member of Team C3 in Japan. Shotaro Masuda’s first signature offstring yoyo “Submarine” finally release!!!

Shotaro Masuda, the first member of our Team C3 in Japan, is known for his super unique 4A tricks. The champion of South Japan Yoyo Contest. Every times brings an amazing freestyle to audience. Shotaro joined C3 Contest Team since July 2012, and it took nine years to release his first signature yoyo.

Design ideas from Shotaro:

1. Shotaro’s favourite C3 1A yoyo Mater Galaxy as the body sharpe.
2. Same weight and feeling of Neo Solar.
3. Distribution of Jenos and longer spinning time.
4. Have enough rebound power once drop on ground.
5. Special designed spacer for a wider gap (MSD Spacer).

Shotaro has always believed that the shape of Master Galaxy has potential to be a 4A yoyo, because the ultra-wide ratio helps the accuracy of tricks, and it also has a longer hang time in the air. He want to transfer this to 4A design, so C3 has done a lot of modification and finally changed “Submarine” to the 4A version of Master Galaxy.

It also keeps the soft feeling and weight close to Neo Solar as much as possible, and combine with the weight distribution of Jenos, so it can keep stable during high-speed moving, and spinning time has also been improved.


= Specification =

Diameter: 73.8mm
Width: 66.7mm (orignal setting)
Weight: 80.9g
Sphere: POM
Gasket: blue (MSD) / purple (thick) / gold (thin) / green (medium)
Bottom axis: 16mm iron / stainless steel
Bearing: C3 high-speed flat bearing
Sticker: C3 white silicon pad

The following are the data of four different spacer setting

Gold+gold 2.097mm
Green + green 2.417mm
Purple + purple 2.737mm
Blue+Blue 3.221mm





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