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Laevateinn – a new high performance yoyo be your first metal yoyo.

At the beginning of the plan, we target to develop a new model for 1A speedy play and good balance. We base on our popular 1A yoyo which is P.wave, Accelerator and Vanitas by referring the size, settings and needs of players to design Laevateinn.

A large diameter in 57mm and wide width in 47mm. It is comfortable on hand and also easy to land on string as wide catch zone. It is set to the most popular and easy-to-use weight of 63.7 grams. The extreme weight distribution and thick rim to bring a powerful spinning, and also make it maintain a strong force when using horizontal skills, and have a high balance and stability when moving fast.

Beside Cyber Crash with an all-round performance, Laevatienn will be your good choice of entry level of 1A yoyo.


= Specification =
Body: 6061AL
Diameter(mm): 56.98
Width(mm): 47.16
Weight(gram): 63.7
Response: C3 Purple Pad
Bearing: Curved Bearing
Axle: M4 10mm Stainless Steel





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