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IX (with Fu-Ring) | Sora Ishikawa SIGNATURE


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The IX is the signature model of 2018 5A World Champion, Sora Ishikawa. The name of IX is from the ‘Innovation eXtreme’, Sora has won multiple “Extreme Trick” awards in the past for creating some innovative tricks and styles.

Sora send us hand draw draft of IX, it is an incredible idea to combine 1A, 4A and 5A playing styles into one yoyo. The IX come with 3 different type of spacer to adjust bearing gap width for setup your yo-yo up perfectly your style!

Spacer Gap Information:
1A: 4.36mm (black)
5A: 4.26mm (purple)
4A 2.12mm (silver)

= Specification =
Body: POM + Stainless Steel
Diameter(mm): 63.9
Width(mm): 64
Weight(gram): 73.3
Response: C3 white Pad
Bearing: Curved Bearing
Axle: M4 12mm Stainless Steel





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