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Radius Nexus | Special Edition


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Radius Nexus Limited Edition
2X WYYC 1A Champion Shion Araya signature

World Limited 27PCS


The Radius Nexus is the signature model of 2 time World Yoyo Contest Champion Shion Araya. Base on the design of Radius and add 1 mm larger on the diameter to achieve a weight distribution that offers powerful spinning and control.

This is a special color edition which is hand made by Simpson Wong. This color combination idea come from one of the world luxury brands color. Limted 27 pieces released.

= Specification =
Body: 6061AL
Diameter(mm): 57
Width(mm): 43
Weight(gram): 64.1
Response: C3 Purple Pad
Bearing: Curved and Grooved
Axle: M4 8mm Stainless Steel




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