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Berserker Titanium


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C3yoyodesign「BERSERKER titanium」

A real Berserker is back!

Our top flagship model is coming back with upgraded Titanium body and stainless steel ring. Using the strength of titanium and high density of stainless steel combines the super light weight body with optimal weight distribution.
You can really feel the strongest power of spin, like a berserker. Moreover, the inner stainless steel ring also provides a stable feeling without compromising performance, allowing you to feel the soul of the original Berserker infused into a modern day top performance body

「BERSERKER titanium」 combines our top craftsmanship and a decade of yoyo design experience. Stock installed with high quality Japan NSK made concave bearing and C3 JP silicon pads, which is our premier setting for our top models.

Only 20 pieces to be made worldwide, each yo-yo comes with the official C3yoyodesign certificate.

= Specification =
Body: Titanium
Rims: Stainless Steel
Diameter(mm): 56.98
Width(mm): 41.95
Weight(gram): 68.7
Response: C3 JP PAD
Bearing: NSK Concave Bearing
Axle: M4 6mm Stainless Steel



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