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Continuation and Evolution! The World Champion, Team C3 Gunju Eom Signature Offstring Yoyo “E.O.M”!

In 2023, Gunju competed in the World Yoyo Contest for the first time and advanced to the finals after a challenging semifinal round. He emerged as the World Yoyo Contest 4A Champion, receiving praise for his outstanding performance. His routine was accompanied by the song “The Middle,” which became a representation of Gunju’s growth in the WYYC. And the concept behind “Evolution Of Middle,” or “E.O.M,” was inspired by Gunju’s surname.

Gunju has always been inspired by his hero, Rei Iwakura, and his favorite yo-yo series, the “Flawless series”. In the Online World Yo-yo Contest 2022, Gunju secured the second place using the “Contrail”. Then, in the World Yoyo Contest 2023, he became the champion with the “Flawless Air”. These achievements prompted Gunju to approach C3 with an idea for a new yoyo, with the aim of further improving his skills. And thus, Gunju’s signature model project officially began!

The “E.O.M” is based on the “Flawless series” in terms of its shape with some modifications. It features a two straight line design, keeping the width at 67.1mm and reducing the diameter by 0.4mm. These slight adjustments were made to improve proportions and enhance floatation.

The “E.O.M” has been made lighter, weighing 78.6g after a reduction of 5.4g. It is crafted from POM material, with the weight distribution carefully adjusted based on the material’s density. Essentially, it is a weighted version of the POM “Flawless Air”. The design philosophy behind the “E.O.M” focuses on reducing the center weight significantly, resulting in improved rotational burst power and spin time. By combining the stability of the POM “Flawless” with the flexibility of the PC “Flawless Air”, it achieves both continuity and evolution. The “E.O.M” is Gunju’s most powerful and perfectly suited yo-yo!

In summary, Gunju’s signature offstring yoyo, the “E.O.M”, combines the best features of the “Flawless” and “Flawless Air” series, improving weight distribution and performance. It represents Gunju’s continuous growth and advancement in the yo-yoing community. The “E.O.M” is a high-performance offstring yoyo that provides both stability and agility. It fulfills Gunju’s requirements and meets the expectations of other yoyo players. Whether for competitions or everyday practice, it is an excellent choice!


Weight:  78.6 g | Diameter: 62.5 mm | Width: 67.1 mm



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