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Strelizia soars again! C3’s first Grade-5 titanium alloy with stainless steel rim yoyo – “Strelizia Apus” In the 2018 World Yo-Yo Contest, we introduced the first titanium alloy model, “Strelizia” ,which caused a great sensation both at the WYYC2018 venue and online. After five years, “Strelizia Apus” utilizes a higher-grade Grade-5 titanium alloy material, which offers superior strength and lightweight characteristics. Simultaneously, the weight distribution, stainless steel outer rim, and various details have been redesigned, preserving the original classic shape while significantly enhancing performance! In addition to the iconic rainbow logo, “Strelizia Apus” retains the original classic shape and iconic rainbow logo. Furthermore, it offers two color options, “Rainbow” and “Sepia Brown”, and undergoes exquisite surface treatment craftsmanship, making it an ultimate pleasure titanium alloy yo-yo. Each color variant of “Strelizia Apus” is globally limited to 23 pieces, and each yo-yo comes with an individual numbered certificate to showcase its uniqueness and rarity.

Weight: 67.4 g  Diameter: 63 mm | Width: 46 mm | Axle: 10 mm | Bearing: NSK Curved Bearing | Pad: C3 JP PAD





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