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Simpson is a C3 media producer, holder of the long sleeper world yoyo record, and this is his first signature yoyo after 25 years in the yoyo commuity. The Scintillator combines several of his favorite C3 models with innovative design elements, resulting in a high-performance, budget-friendly, and competition-ready monometal yoyo that also incorporates trendy features such as Fingerspin DNA tricks.

At 49mm wide, the Scintillator is narrower than Simpson’s previous favorites, the Master Galaxy and Galaxy Diver series, despite incorporating their wide design elements. The exaggerated H-shape of the Scintillator increases its maneuverability and accuracy, while its diameter of 56.21mm and lightweight center allow for longer spin times and precise control.

One of the Scintillator’s standout features is its Fingerspin hubs, which are designed to allow for easy finger placement and adjustment of angles, making Fingerspin tricks more accessible and versatile. Additionally, the Scintillator’s H-shape design lends itself well to a variety of string tricks, providing increased accuracy and stability.

Despite its many advanced features, the Scintillator also excels in everyday use and social media “DNA” tricks. Its floaty feel and solid control provide a balanced yoyo experience that’s suitable for a wide range of players!


Weight:  65g | Diameter:  56.18mm | Width:  49.06mm



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