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C3yoyodesign’s first magnesium alloy yoyo – “Sandevistan” We have finally embarked on the journey of the emerging magnesium alloy yoyo. It is widely known that using MG alloy poses significant challenges in design and production, and “Sandevistan” takes it a step further by challenging the oversized 63mm diameter! Due to the material’s density, it weighs only 67.4 grams while achieving an unconventional, large diameter and a unique lightweight feel. We took inspiration from the shape of a titanium yoyo “Delphinium” for its design, making it even more distinctive and innovative! As for the naming, we extended the concept from the “Crash Series”, and its meaning is self-evident, allowing everyone to freely imagine.


Weight: 67.4 g | Diameter: 63 mm | Width: 46 mm | Axle: 10 mm | Bearing: NSK Curved Bearing | Pad: C3 JP PAD


Disclaimer: Cosmetic Defects and Limited Warranty

Cosmetic Defects: Our magnesium product may develop cosmetic defects like corrosion, coating chipping, and surface treatment or laser engraving issues.

Limited Warranty: We provide a warranty against material and workmanship defects, but we do not cover cosmetic defects. These issues are purely aesthetic and do not impact the product’s functionality or performance.

Customer Responsibility: It is the customer’s responsibility to handle the product with care, follow maintenance instructions, and protect it from corrosive environments and excessive moisture to minimize cosmetic defects.



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