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Team C3 Leo Chan Matsumoto’s second signature yo-yo is called “SATINAV”.

With a titanium alloy outer ring and a 6061 aluminum alloy body, it takes performance to the next level!

“SATINAV” is a play on words, with “ti” in the middle representing the element titanium, while “Sat-nav” is a shortened form of satellite navigation. Leo chose this name because it is both concise and cool!

Compared to the Vanitas, the Satinav has a reduced diameter of 0.8mm and a reduced width of 1.83mm. These slight changes allow Leo to perform even more intricate tricks.

Although the Satinav is 0.5 grams heavier than the Vanitas, the titanium alloy is lighter than stainless steel, allowing for better weight distribution, increased power, and longer spin times. Additionally, it can be used at high speeds without requiring excessive force, reducing strain on the hands and making tricks more stable.

Leo personally designed the logos for all three colorways, incorporating skulls and artificial satellites, which complement the Vanitas perfectly!


Weight:  64.1g | Diameter:  55.91mm | Width:  48.8mm



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