Mo-vitation – Design specialized for Finger Spin style

Mo-vitation – Signature model of Ethan Wong Wing Hang. Straight step full size metal designed specially for Finger Spin style.

During the design process, Ethan pointed out he would like to have a heavy rim weight and powerful binding which make it easier for Finger Spin tricks.

To cooperate the reqest from Ethan, we used straight step body for heavy rim weight design and using C3 thick pad to achieve powerful binding response.

Mo-vitation turn out as a speedy and solid yoyo with C3 feature hubs design for the best Finger Spin tricks performance.


Weight (g) 67.7
Diameter (mm) 55.53
Width (mm) 43.40
Trapeze effective width (mm) 39
Material A6061
Bind Bind Required
Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
Bearing Size C (Large) Ball Bearing
Response C3 large pad
Signature Ethan Wong Wing Hang a.k.a. MOMO
Release Date 2013