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EDOLASS | Ryuichi Nakamura Signature


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Ryuichi Nakamura’s signature model

Base on the design of Atomic crash and Krown st, Edolass is designed for the speedy play, powerful spin and quick control for fast direction changes. Strong and thick stainless steel rim to ensure the powerful and stable spinning, come with C3 Purple Pad, Dif Genuine KonKave Bearing, and M4 8mm Titanium axle.

100% Ryuichi’s contest setting.

= Specification =
Body: 6061AL
Rims: Stainless Steel
Diameter(mm): 56.03
Width(mm): 44.63
Weight(gram): 63.7
Response: C3 Purple Pad
Bearing: Dif Genuine KonKave Bearing
Axle: M4 8mm Titanium


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