BTH – World Long Sleeping Record Breaker

BTH, a new long sleeper record breaker by C3yoyodesign. It achieved 30 minutes 28.30 seconds record by Simpson Wong in World YoYo Contest 2012 approved by America Yo-Yo Association.

Over a year of design and fine tuning, BTH is the premium design by the master craftmanship which design aim for breaking the World Longest Yo-Yo Sleeper Record. Using the bi-metal technology, BTH is made by press fiting A6061 alloy body and copper inner ring. The thin width and large diameter design which make the highest inertia result.

Only 140 piece was made and all come with certificate issue by C3yoyodesign. You can be the next Record breaker with BTH.

Weight (g) 220.6
Diameter (mm) 60.00
Width (mm) 32.45
Trapeze effective width (mm) 9
Material A6061 with brass
Bind Bind Required
Style Sleeper
Bearing Size C (Large) Ball Bearing
Response C3 slim pad
Signature No
Release Date 2012